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Flowers in Chania

A collection of Skull NFT’s, with only 444 created. Each has their own traits, making this collection unique and rare. Not only are they super cool PFP’s, but each Skull will have utility. Join Discord to learn about the utilities, events, artwork & more! Urban Skull Collective was illustrated by street artist JonezyArtwork. Jonezy is known for creating bold and unique skull art. It comes as no surprise that the skull character is one of his signature designs, making it a no brainer to drop a skull NFT collection. ‘USC’ is a cool and hip style skull, leaning more towards a friendly cartoon that is fun…not a scary kind. This is a skull people could be friends with. The number 4 is Jonezy’s favorite number, hence the limited amount of 444 in the collection. This gives you some insight on how and why the Urban Skull Collective was created. Join us for all the fun and get your hands on a rare Jonezy Skull NFT!

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